padEnglish-French EF400T
Bidirectional Talking Dictionary

This talking English-French bidirectional dictionary is built on the latest text-to-speech technology to give you advanced English and French speech synthesis and a dictionary with over 450,000 entries, which makes it a great learning tool and extensive multipurpose linguistic resource.

Effective Learning Curve

If you need to communicate in French regularly, and want to read, write, or translate – this dictionary is for you. The language database is specially developed considering professional translators’ experiences, and is equipped with express search function allowing you to quickly find the words you need.

Advanced voice synthesis in English and French. The dictionary includes over 1,100 phrases grouped by topic for easy daily communication, as well as 200 idioms. Large graphic screen. This 5-line high resolution screen makes for natural smooth font appearance and it’s easy on your eyes. Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and pick a spelling from the list of suggestions.

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