padEnglish-Hungarian-German EGHu430T
Talking Dictionary with a Trilingual Organizer

This is our classic trilingual text-to-speech series. These handheld dictionaries are reliable, multifunctional, and highly capable. Business class model, this Partners® is your true partner.. It is capable of English and German speech synthesis, the winning combination of functionality, speed and classic business features - this handheld is reasonably priced and that's what makes it truly stand out and make its mark.

Effective learning curve

This model, representing the latest generation of the high-performance integrated linguistic tools available, is the new addition to our 400 talking dictionary series.

Trilingual interface Medical, technical, legal, business terms, as well as slang, idioms, and general expressions English and German speech synthesis Over 1,100 commonly used and emergency phrases grouped into 12 topics for easy navigation Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and pick a spelling from the suggestions list. New words recording function will allow you to customize your dictionary Added functionality

English/German/Hungarian personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers, equipped with search function comply with highest industry standards Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for a business traveler AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately For complete information on this model, please refer to the instruction manual available in PDF format.

In addition to the actual electronic dictionary, the package includes two replaceable batteries, a soft pouch for storage and carrying, a bonus CD with additional software titles, and a user's manual.

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