padGerman-Russian DR600T
Talking Dictionary

With 128K Bilingual Business Organizer

This is a talking dictionary with advanced linguistic capabilities. Its graphic user interface, backlit display and key panel make it very easy and convenient to use.

The academic size dictionary of 475,000 words includes 36,000 medical, 33,000 technical, 28,000 legal and 29,000 business terms, phrases, idioms and slang. New words recording function for dictionary expansion. Over 1,200 commonly used and emergency phrases on 12 topics. Over 200 German idioms.

Additional features include the latest technology for pronunciation of any word, adjustable speech frequency, speed and volume. The section on German language learning includes an electronic German grammar book, irregular verbs, and a linguistic game. It also has a 128 KB bilingual business organizer with a telephone directory, a schedule, and a password security function.

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